Server Monitoring

Proper monitoring is crucial for reliable operation of your server, in other words, for success of your web project. Now you needn’t worry – we’ll monitor performance of your project and take appropriate measures to prevent possible problems or solve them as soon as they arise. With our monitoring service you will know about state of your server at every moment.

We provide any kind of monitoring services – from simple web site monitoring or monitoring of multiple ports to monitoring performance of complex projects that consist of many servers, along with monitoring of database servers and applications. Also we monitor status of software and hardware RAIDs (various on-board models, 3Ware, Adaptec, CCISS (HP), Areca, Dell PERC/Megaraid, LSI and so on), LDAP/MySQL/PostgreSQL replication and hundreds of other services. To learn about them, please contact us – either through the contact form or via email

Should any problem occur, you will receive our notification at once in the way you prefer (e-mail, jabber, etc). So, you will know what went wrong before your customers call you. In fact, in many cases your clients won’t notice that there was anything wrong – our staff begins solving the problem as soon as it is noticed, i.e. instantly. If the problem is caused by, for example, a datacenter failure, we will contact your provider’s technical support team ourselves to solve it.

Monitoring is carried out round-the-clock, with check interval starting from 60 seconds. It helps to detect the slightest signs of a problem which is going to occur, so appropriate measures can be taken in time. As soon as we determine the possible cause of the error, we begin to eliminate it.

Our network monitoring service detects outages more effectively than any robot monitoring software, service or tool. Any errors or unusual patterns are verified from other stations to prevent false alarms. On server failure, non-responding vital network service, or critical limit of performance, our monitoring system triggers off an alert.

First, our support personnel checks the issue manually to filter false alarms, then, provided the client has granted prior permission to access his company’s servers, our system administrators start fixing the problem immediately. Otherwise the client’s staff is notified by e-mail, SMS, etc.

Such a procedure ensures solving the problem before end users can even notice it. Our service goes far beyond automatic monitoring services. Not only it controls server availability, performance and security externally from our worldwide network of monitoring stations. So, our monitoring service is not a simple robot, just sending you notification emails – we have a team of system administrators working 24/7.

Network monitoring includes

  • Monitoring any services (http, https, smtp, ftp, etc.)
  • 24/7 monitoring, with check interval starting from 60 seconds
  • Server-side plugins support (Linux, FreeBSD, AIX etc)
  • Performance monitoring via SNMP
  • Notification in the way you specify (email, jabber, etc.)
  • Monitoring of RAID devices (software, embedded, and hardware models – 3Ware, Adaptec, CCISS (HP), Areca, Dell PERC/Megaraid, LSI, etc.)
  • Database monitoring (including replication)
  • Cluster systems monitoring