Other Services

We offer following services to web-hosting community.
  • Networking Maintenance and Consulting
  • Server Optimization
  • Database Optimization
Networking Maintenance & Consulting

We provide instant network troubleshooting and support, new networks setup or configurations changes, high availability network design, security audits, vendor software upgrades, proactive 24×7 monitoring of network performance and hardware health.

We support all major network vendor equipment:
  •     Cisco
  •     Juniper
  •     HP
  •     Dell
  •     Checkpoint
Our engineers have both knowledge and extensive experience of a broad range network equipment – up to the latest cutting-edge systems.

Our main technology areas:
  •     Routing & Switching
  •     Firewalls & Security
  •     Storage Networking
Most of our techs hold certifications such as:
  •     CCIE
  •     JNIE-M
Whatever your requirements – we have a solution that fits.

Server optimization

To boost performance of a server, we adjust both its hardware and software components to make it operate efficiently.

We don’t use any automatic solutions for server optimization. For every server we figure out the most suitable parameters to achieve the best possible performance of this particular server. With such ‘tuning’, in many cases you needn’t spend your money on more powerful and expensive hardware you don’t actually need. At the same time, your server will never be down due to peak load. We use innovative software solutions for servers’ performance monitoring to track slightest changes in operation of servers, which significantly helps to predict – and prevent -possible problems.

Optimization can include fine tuning of

    Server Management Plan
  • Web servers (Apache, lighttpd, nginx , Litespeed etc)
  • Disk I/O, block devices
  • RAID or different filesystems (including SCSI and SSD devices)
  • Kernel Optimization
  • Network I/O, TCP/IP network stack
  • Firewall Rules Optimization
  • Databases optimization – benchmarking and profiling, finding bottlenecks, settings optimization
  • Data storages tuning
  • Disk and memory usage optimization
Database Optimization

EsellMe Technologies offers you 24/7 remote database servers management, including optimization to boost their performance, monitoring to prevent problems, and troubleshooting.

Currently we support MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.
  • Optimization
Database servers often become, so to speak, a weak link in the system. Proper optimization will help to avoid failures. Our experts have gained plenty of experience in optimizing load of database servers of various kind. Optimization can include setting server parameters, as well as sub-systems of lower levels, queries, etc.
  • Setting solutions based on data replication
Replications allows to synchronize data between two or more servers, so it is one of the ways of scaling a project. In the simplest case, replication decreases load on the main server and boosts total performance.
  • Setting database backup
Databases contain valuable information, they take plenty of time and effort to create. Regular backups is the only measure that ensures that your data will never be lost irretrievably.
  • Security
Our specialists do their best to ensure safety and integrity of your data in the databases. Also, our services include installation and setting of various NoSQL solutions, such as Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB and others.