Frequenty Asked Questions

New Server Signup

Q. How can I signup for Server Management Plans?
A. You can navigate to the Server Management Plan and can click the cPanel server management license button. You will be redirected to the paypal page. You can pay through your Credit / Debit Card (or)  You can login to your paypal account to proceed for payment.

Q. Can I send money through direct bank deposit, cheque, or any other payment gateways other than paypal ? 
A. Unfortunately, we don't accept payments other than PayPal, Skrill and ANZ gateways.

Q. Can I swap the server or change of server's IP address ?
A. No. In this case, we would require you to cancel the old server and would re-signup for the new server.

Q. After Signup, how can I contact technical support for my issues ?

A. You can create a support request at our helpdesk One of our technical support staff can check with your issue and can reply back to you.

Q. How can I contact billing team ?

A. You can create a support request at our helpdesk

Migration Task:

Q. How long will the migration take?
A. Due to network, hardware and other variables outside of our control, we can only make an estimate on the actual duration of your migration. Estimations can only be done after some data has already been copied. Migrations may take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances.

Q. Is email also copied?
A. Yes. All account data is copied: website files, email, databases, and so on.

Q. How can I be alerted as each account is being added to the cPanel server?
A. Please log into WHM as root and click the "Contact Manager" link. You can configure an email alert (and others) for the "Account Creation" alert type.

Q. Do you prevent email from being sent to the source server after accounts have been migrated?
A. No. This situation may occur when there is no proper dns migration plan. In this senario, we copy the missing emails from source to destination server until the dns changes are in effect.