Backup and Data Recovery

Data safety and integrity is an essential component of any successful web project. There are lot of ways to lose data. Data can be lost or corrupted due to hard disk drives corruption, attackers’ intrusion or a plain mistake. So, you should always be prepared for such an unpleasant surprise, whatever software or hardware solutions you use.

All important data, which you cannot afford to lose, should be properly copied and stored on a reliable medium.

Regular backups are absolutely necessary. It is an only measure that ensures that your data will never be lost irretrievably. The one who neglects backup completely or performs it irregularly, faces a risk of losing valuable data due to his own carelessness.

If some problem occurs while performing backup, we’ll fix it. We will help you choose a reliable and simple backup scheme for your crucial data.

You needn’t pay for a standalone server to store backups. In EsellMe Technologies, we use specialized storages (Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, etc). Also, reliable solutions for data recovery will restore your information in a minimum time.

Essential backup services we provide include:

  •     Setup for any kind of backups;
  •     Backups encryption;
  •     Backup monitoring;
  •     Data recovery

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.